Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No. 624: Nissan’s concept car sets you free from maneuvering for parking (October 2, 2012)

Nissan unveiled its concept car that can park by itself. That is, you do not have to maneuver your car when you wish to park it because it automatically parks alone with the help of information it gets from the four cameras installed on its body. Based on Nissan’s e-vehicle Leaf, it is named Nissan Smart Car 2015 (NSC-2015) and intended to show Nissan’s advanced technology to integrate information technology and future vehicle technology.

It has four cameras installed on front, rear, and two sides of the body, and image data coming from the four cameras are processed by the in-car device. Because NSC-2015 does not used the GPS, its system clearly recognizes information on the surrounding area even the area has a poor reception. It can be connected to a smartphone. Thus, NSC-2015 parks by itself following your instructions you give it through your smartphone. You can also set your smartphone to let you know that a suspicious person is coming close to your car in addition to giving him a warning beep. Nissan plans to put the new technology into practical use in a few years. 

Nissan’s Smart Car 2015 (NSC-2105)

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