Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No. 634: Nissan’s new technology to avoid a possible collision (November 1, 2012)

Nissan developed a system to turn a steering wheel automatically when a car comes across with a possible collision caused by a person suddenly rushing out in front of the car. The system automatically applies the brake and turns a steering wheel when it perceives a possible collision. A radar and a camera are installed on the front and a radar is installed on the both sides of the rear, and the system analyzes information in every 0.1 second to detect the existence of an obstacle. It is designed to help a car driver avoid a rear-end car collision in a traffic jam.

The new system is named the “Emergency Steering Avoidance System.” The margin that allows a car to avoid a possible collision is 150 m to the front, 20 m to the both sides, and 70 m to the rear. The new system is scheduled to be preinstalled in Nissan’s new cars beginning in 2015. Nissan also developed a technology to convert the intention of the driver to electronic signals and transmit them to the tires for the first time in the world. Toyota is reportedly developing a system that allows a car to return to the original lane if it swerves from a lane. Fuji Heavy already introduced new cars with a system to avoid a collision using a camera installed on the front of the car. 

 Nissan’s system to avoid a possible collision

Subaru’s system to avoid a possible collision

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