Saturday, June 8, 2013

No. 730: Successful development of a technology to analyze encrypted data without returning them to unencrypted original data (June 9, 2013)

NTT developed a technology to analyze encrypted data as they are. Because it allows information processing without returning them to unencrypted original data, it reduces the leakage risk of personal information and corporate confidential information. Because Japan is scheduled to enforce the ‘my number system’ that numbers people in January 2016, it is an urgent need to establish a system to prevent it from being abused. What NTT developed is a secret calculation technology. The new technology can rearrange data by item and figure out the average of specific data without cracking their codes. It can rearrange data of 100,000 people in 1.5 seconds, the world’s fastest time at present.

Companies and municipalities are susceptible for leakage of confidential information when they get encrypted data back to unencrypted original data for analysis. To cope with the so-called cyberterrorism, NTT’s new technology reckons that the secret calculation technology is of great help. It also plans to utilize the new technology for effective search of the effect of treatment approaches and efficacy of pharmaceuticals without specifying an individual from the vast amounts of data owned by multiple medical institutions. 

NTT's monitoring technology of cyberattacks

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