Thursday, June 27, 2013

No. 743: NEC develops the cultivation business of strawberries in India (June 28, 2013)

NEC built a 1,000-square-meter water-cooling greenhouse to cultivate strawberries in the suburbs of Pune located in the western part of India last autumn. The company is marketing its “Agricultural Cloud” system in newly industrialized countries. The “Agricultural Cloud” system is designed to increase agricultural productivity with the help of NEC’s information technology. It is for soil hydraulic culture that does not need soil. It controls the temperature inside the greenhouse and nutrient elements automatically using computers. The same species that is cultivated in Japan is being cultured in India on an experimental basis. The equipment for the cultivation was developed jointly by NEC and GRA that is an agricultural production corporation. 

 International cooperation 
between India and Japan is under way.

Indian strawberries are hard, and they have low sugar content. They are sold for 110-145 yen per kilogram, whereas Japanese strawberries are 5-6 times higher in price than Indian strawberries. Because of the excellent textures, however, Japanese strawberries receive an inrush of large orders from luxurious hotels. NEC wishes women in rural areas of India to be a strawberry producer for the promotion of women’s status in India besides marketing Japanese strawberries to the wealthy class in India. The video of NEC's agricultural cloud system is available here. 

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