Sunday, June 16, 2013

No. 734: Sushi robots boost Japanese presence in the world (June 17, 2013)

Business trend:
Suzumo Machinery, Japan’s leading maker of sushi robots, decided to increase the production capacity 40% within the year. Sushi, a Japanese traditional rice cuisine coming with raw fish, is growing popular worldwide because it is delicious and healthy. The company now exports its sushi robots to 70 countries and planning to increase the number of importing countries to 100.

Suzumo’s sushi robots can make fluffy sushi as if sushi chef does, their sales are growing both at home and abroad. Suzumo’s sushi robots are mainly used by conveyor belt sushi bars. Yoshinoya, one of the leading gyudon (beef bowl) chains, has adopted Suzumo’s robots recently. With the increasing income of people in developing countries, sushi is expected to grow popular among the middle-income group in those countries. Suzumo’s sushi robots are priced at 1,300,000 yen per unit. 

 Suzumo's sushi robot

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