Friday, December 20, 2013

No. 820: Four leading JRs ally to export bullet trains and electromagnetic liner motorcars (December 20, 2013)

Business trend:
Four leading JRs, such as Central Japan Railway and East Japan Railway, will ally to export Japanese advanced railway technologies. They will establish an organization to integrate Japanese high-speed railway standards to make them acceptable in the global market next April and will ask countries planning to construct high-speed railway networks, such as the U.S. and Great Britain, to participate in the organization. The world railway infrastructure market that includes rolling stock cars and parts will increase 20% over the current level to 22,000 billion yen in 2020. The leading three companies in the world market are Bombardier of Canada, Alstom of France, and Siemens of Germany.

The big three sets up standards of high-speed railways that allow existing railway trains and freight trains to travel, whereas Japan wishes to sell a high-security high-speed railways system that uses a specialized railway track. Japan has only 1% share in the world market because it supplies only rolling stock cars and equipment, whereas the big three can supply operating systems besides supplying maintenance of trains and improvement of the operating system. Under the leadership of prime minister Shinzo Abe, Japan is exerting lots of energy to increase exports of infrastructure to 30,000 billion yen by 2020. The government plans to establish organizations to back up the export of railway and airport and fund them next year.   

 Japanese high speed bullet train by BBC

Acceleration to 501 km/h

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