Tuesday, December 24, 2013

No. 822: Personal authentification technology is developing fast (December 24, 2013)

As smartphones spread rapidly and widely, it has become crucial to develop the personal authentification technology for the prevention of impersonation. Several university professors are developing personal authentification technologies with the help of action, motion, and mannerism of each person. These technologies are expected to be put into practical use by 2020 and utilized for the strengthened security in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
Yuji Watanabe of Nagoya City University is developing a technology to tell personal difference by the angle and speed of a fingertip that goes over the smartphone screen. The special software used in this technology memorizes the mannerism of a user and recognizes the user thereafter with a probability of more than 93%. It automatically identifies the user and rejects the operations by people other than the user. He is planning to start joint research with companies in a few years. Mutsumi Watanabe of Kagoshima University is developing a technology to identify a person by analyzing the handwriting (brushstroke) of a letter that he writes in the air by infrared sensor. This technology can be applied to the management of entering and leaving.

Yoshinobu Kajikawa of Kansai University focuses on the difference of subtle moves of lips of people even if they speak the same language. His technology analyzes the mannerism of each person using a camera, and it achieved 94% accuracy. It will likely be applied to the camera built in a smartphone. Yasushi Yagi of Osaka University is developing a technology to search a specific person by analyzing the walking posture of a person. His technology is about to be put into practical application for security camera searching a suspicious person.  

  A large-scale security camera capable of specifying a 
person out of 36 million facial data in one second

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