Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No. 621: IHI and GE ally to develop a jet engine for business jets (September 26, 2012)

Business trend:
IHI allies with GE to develop a jet engine for business jets. IHI will be responsible for about 30% of total development and production. IHI will be asked to develop major parts including low-pressure turbine utilizing its advanced technology to develop light-weight and high-intensity parts. Kawasaki Heavy will also participate in the project. The engine on which IHI will work is the Passport 20 that Bombardier of Canada has already decided to employ.

The development is scheduled to end in 2015, and the new engine is expected to improve fuel consumption by 10-20%. The world business jet market in 2011 was about 17,000 jets, and it is estimated to grow three times to 50,000 in 2031 thanks to the growing demand in Asia and the Middle East. 

 GE’s Passport 20 jet engine 

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