Sunday, August 27, 2017

No. 891: Bendable organic electroluminescence for vehicle lighting is developed by Pioneer (August 28, 2017)

Pioneer developed bendable electroluminescence device applicable to vehicle lighting unit, allowing automakers to develop highly-designed lighting units that can be tailored to vehicle shape. The company successfully opened the way for the practical use by doubling the product life to 10 years, while meeting the requirements of automakers, such as color and brightness. Practical applications are scheduled for 2020. Pioneer has already started marketing the new technology to automakers both at home and abroad. It focuses on the application for tail lamps of luxury cars and self-driving cars because bendable organic electroluminescence allows automakers to pursue originality in car design.

The existing organic electroluminescence is hardly bendable because it made of glass substrate. Pioneer has been developing bendable electroluminescence made of resin substrate. Water makes inroads into resin more easily than into glass, makes resin deteriorate fast. The company reduced the influence of water by improving the constituent materials like luminous elements and resin substrate. Pioneer established Konica MinoltaPioneer OLED last June by integrating the organic EL lighting business of Pioneer and Konica Minolta on an equal basis.

Bendable organic electroluminescence developed by Pioneer

Flexible 4K organic EL display developed by 

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