Monday, September 13, 2010

No. 162: Organic electro luminescence has longer life (September 13, 2010)

Research and development of organic electro luminescence (EL) promising for the next-generation TV panel is accelerating in Japan. Asahi Glass, Japan’s leading glassmaker, developed the new material to bond the glass substrate of an organic EL panel. It makes the light emitting organic EL last more than 15 times longer than the existing product, and lengthens the life period from the current two to three years to 10 years. Shred glass finely for less than 10b micrometer each and mix the particles with organic solvent. The new material maintains the glass characteristics and controls the intrusion of moisture and oxygen that shortens the life of the element as compared with widespread sealant made of resin. Research to lengthen the life period of the element is also making a progress. The researcher told that it is possible to realize the same product life as liquid crystal panel using currently available elements. The company will start mass production in 2011.
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