Monday, September 13, 2010

No. 163: Wireless power feeding for the mobile phone (September 14, 2010)

Fujitsu announced the idea of wireless power feeding of mobile phone and the plan to put it into practical application toward 2012. The wireless power feeding is to feed power to the mobile phone without the power cord. Sony and Toshiba are also working on wireless power feeding. Fujitsu adopted the magnetic field resonance system, and the feeder circuit and incoming circuit consist of coil and condenser. When alternating current is applied to the feeder circuit, current is also generated on the incoming circuit like that the vibration created by diapason is transmitted to another diapason. It is possible to transmit power to equipment that is from several centimeters to several meters away besides feeding several instruments at the same time. The company built a trail mobile phone that incorporates and successfully achieved a feeding efficiency of 85% in the distance of 15 meters. It developed the simulation technology that allow for high-speed and high-precision analysis of interference of the circuit.
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