Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No. 157: Technology to halve LED’s power consumption (September 8, 2010)

TechinTech in Kyoto, a Dainippon Screen’s subsidiary, obtained good prospect for the technology to halve LED’s power consumption using nanotechnology. The company processed the surface of the transparent sapphire substrate that supports the light-emitting semiconductor, and created concavity and convexity with depth of 150 nanometers on it to let light from the semiconductor go to one direction laconically. An LED built by this technology is two times brighter than the existing LED with the same power. That is, the new LED is as bright as the existing LED with half power consumed by the latter. Because LED consumes about one tenth of power consumed by the filament lamp, the technology can reduce LED’s power consumption to one twentieth of the filament lamp’s power consumption. The new technology can be applied to the existing LED mass production line without modification. Dainippon Screen plans to build equipment to create the microstructure toward next spring. The equipment will be priced between 150 million and 500 million yen.
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