Friday, September 17, 2010

No. 166: Large organic EL screens for digital signage (September 17, 2010)

Mitsubishi Electric will launch large organic EL screens on the 21st. The newly developed organic EL screen allows for clearer image than the LED-based screen, and the former is thinner than the latter. The new screen is for digital signage in commercial establishments and public faculties. It adopted the fabrication method to line multiple modules, each of which is 38.4 centimeter square, made of organic EL elements, and the customer can decide the screen size depending on its requirements. Besides the conventional rectangular screen, the company can offer the horizontally long screen to be used in the aisle and the screen to cover the wall with angle and curve. It is only 9.9 cm deep and excellent in expressiveness of contrast. Small TV screens using organic EL are available from Korean companies, but Mitsubishi Electric successfully commercialized the large screen of the same kind for the first time in the world. A 155-inch organic EL rectangular screen is priced at about 39 million, almost the same as LED-based screen.
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