Sunday, September 12, 2010

No. 161: Technology that does not depend on rare earthes (September 12, 2010)

Japanese makers developed the technology to build the motor, indispensable to electric vehicles and home electronics, that does not depend on rare earthes responding to China’s export regulations of rare earthes. Hitachi developed the motor using ferrite magnet that is permanent magnet made of easily procurable and inexpensive ferric oxide. The company modified the structure so that magnetic energy can be transferred to the rotating part efficiently for higher power. The newly developed motor exhibits the same performance with about 10% less electricity consumed by the motor made of rare earthes. Greatly contributing to energy saving, it will be incorporated in air-conditioners in two years. Daikin Industries also developed a high-output motor by combining small magnetic energy and ferrite magnet in collaboration with a university professor. The company adopted the self-developed structure that embeds ferrite magnet in the iron rotor. It plans to build a big motor with an output of 20 kW within next year.
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