Monday, January 9, 2012

No. 406: A rubber spring two times more durable than the existing rubber spring (January 10, 2012)

A rubber spring generally increases its durability as it grows bigger. Because it is not easy to increase the durability of rubber itself, producers adjust the durability of a rubber spring by modifying the size and hardness. Tokai Rubber, Japan’s leading rubber spring producer, developed a rubber spring two times moredurable against wrest and compression than the existing products. The new product is the suspension bush that a vehicle needs 10-40 pieces. It exhibited the same durability even if it is made 30% lighter than the existing product. That is, it will help fuel consumption improve besides reducing the production cost of rubber spring.

The company increased the durability of a rubber spring by bonding polymer and reinforcement materials stronger, and successfully realized a chemical bond with stronger binding force not only by using physical absorption but also by improving the additive and the reaction conditions. Parts for lighter autobody are enjoying great demand as hybrid and electric vehicles spread. At the same time, newly industrialized countries with lots of unpaved roads require rubber springs to have a high degree of durability. At present, producers increase the durability of a rubber spring by making rubber harder at the sacrifice of ride quality. Tokai Rubber plans to mass produce the new product in 2014.

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