Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No. 424: Reducing the cost to introduce an image monitoring system for water supply plants (January 31, 2012)

Municipalities mostly hesitate to introduce an image monitoring system to their water supply plants because a 10-20 million yen investment is required. They currently explore the cause of unusual values of the water quality meter only by values without images. Metawater and Nippon Telecommunications Network jointly developed a very inexpensive image monitoring system for water supply plants. It costs only several hundred thousand yen to introduce, one hundredth of the cost required to introduce the conventional system. The company succeeded in reducing the cost of filming equipment by employing the image processing method with lower communication load and eliminating the necessity of special-purpose terminals because staff members can monitor the image using the existing PCs with the help of cloud computing.

Units made up of camera and communication device are installed in a water supply plant and staff members monitor image data through the cloud computing service provided by Nippon Telecommunications Network. Metawater employed the processing technology to change still images to moving images to reduce the load associated with filming and communication. LAN is used for the communication in the initial stage, but later a wireless communication environment will be established to make it possible to eliminate the expense for wiring and set the unit wherever an outlet is available. The newly developed system is designed for the monitoring of water quality of rivers and water purification plants.  

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