Sunday, January 1, 2012

No. 398: A scratch-resistant polycarbonate resin with the H hardness (January 2, 2012)

Teijin Chemicals developed a highly scratch-resistant polycarbonate resin. The new product increased the surface hardness from 2B to H in the pencil hardness. The hardness H is the highest level of hardness for a polycarbonate resin. It eliminates the necessity of such surface treatment as paint application and hard coating. Although higher in price than the existing products, it will help reduce the total cost of a product because the surface treatment process is eliminated. The company will put it on the market coming autumn.

The company reviewed the molecular design of the polymer and increased the hardness without impairing the characteristics of the existing polycarbonate resin, such as transparency and impact resistance. It is more shapable with a higher degree of fluidity than the existing products, making it suitable for thin-wall molding. In addition, it is characterized not by fragile breaking that scatters fragments on impact but by ductile breaking that tears off a product. The company plans to apply it to vehicle interior, office automation equipment, and housing of PC and smartphone. The new product scheduled to be available also in film and sheet in the future. The company plans to increase the production capacity to 500 tons per year starting in 2016.   

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