Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No. 400: A new paint that allows for mirror finish on the front face by spray application on the rear face (January 4, 2012)

Every company is making strenuous efforts to improve productivity and reduce environmental load for more marketable products. Asahipen, one of Japan’s leading paint companies, developed a technology that allows for mirror finish on the front face by applying spray coating on the rear face of a transparent plastic. The newly developed paint can be sprayed in the air, and it needs only two painting processes of the first coat and the finish coat. It is based on the self-developed aluminum paste made of uniform imbricate aluminum that is several micrometers in size and a nano level in thickness.

In addition to adding an additive, the company improved the ratio between the binder and aluminum to realize a cohesive line even with fewer additive amount of acrylic resin used as the binder. Unlike vacuum deposition widespread in mirror production, the new technology needs only two processes. Therefore, it will shorten the production lead-time, reduce equipment cost, and improve yield ratio. At the same time, because the coated film of the first coat is rather thin, the new paint can prevent dusts from attaching and decrease the defective fraction. Recreation facilities decided to adopt the new paint for ornamentation, and automotive and cosmetics industries show interest in the new paint. The company plans to market if for cosmetic containers and mobile phone cases.

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