Monday, February 20, 2012

No. 443: A new semiconductor for the next-generation wireless transmission (February 21, 2012)

Sony and Tokyo Institute of Technology jointly developed a new semiconductor for thenext-generation wireless transmission applicable to smartphones. It is for the short-distance high-speed wireless technology that uses the high frequency range of 60 GHz called millimeter waveband, and can transmit data contained in a DVD in less than 10 seconds. Because the existing product consumes much energy, the research group reduced power consumption by simplifying the circuit design of the semiconductor and increasing the data transfer efficiency. The new product consumes less than 1 kW and transmits data at 6.3 GB per second.

The next-generation wireless technology that uses millimeter waveband will eliminate a cable between devices because huge amount of data can be transferred at high speed. In addition, the power required to trade the same amount of data will be reduced to one eighth of the power required by the existing product. In the future, it will be possible to project high-definition movie data stored in a smartphone on a large screen wirelessly. The new technology is expected to be translated into practical applications in several years.

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