Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No. 450: A newly developed adhesive agent to increase the capacity of a lithium-ion battery by 40% (February 29, 2012)

Zeon, one of Japan’s leading makers of special synthetic rubbers and high-performance resins, developed a new adhesive agent that can increase the capacity of a lithium-ion battery by 30-40%. The company is the world’s largest maker of adhesive agents used for anodes of high capacity batteries with a share exceeding 70% in the world market. The company made the new adhesive agent by dispersing a special synthetic rubber material in water. The new product is mixed with power graphite to make anodes.

The technology to mix a silicon material with graphite is available now, but adding a silicon material to an anode is not problem-free because silicon is liable to bloat. The company adjusted the molecular design, controlled the bloat, and increased durability to slow down deterioration. The new adhesive agent proved that a silicon material can be added to an anode up to 30%. The company started to ship samples of the new adhesive that will be put on the market within the year.

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