Thursday, February 23, 2012

No. 445: A semiconductor memory of the next-generation that is faster and more power-efficient (February 23, 2012)

Resistance Random Access Memory (ReRAM) characterized by low power consumption and faster processing speed attracts wide attention as the next-generation semiconductor memory, and leading electric companies are busily occupied with the development. The ReRAM keeps data even if power is cut off. Panasonic developed a ReRAM that has 20 times faster processing speed than the existing NAND-type flash memory. The company plans to put it into practical use in a few years.

Panasonic applied a new diode that applies the current bi-directionally in place of a transistor to the electronic circuit. By forming the circuit that prevents the leakage of electric current, it successfully made the area of memory element smaller and increased writing speed. Because the existing semiconductor production process can be used, the production cost of the new semiconductor memory is expected to remain unchanged. The company plans to mass-produce the new product within the year for the first time in the world. Communications traffic is increasing dramatically with the explosive spread of smartphones, and demand for a memory with faster processing speed and lower power consumption has been growing stronger.

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