Monday, February 13, 2012

No. 435: NTT’s new optical cable that is flat and less than 2-mm thick (February 13, 2012)

NTT developed a less than 2-mm thick flat optical cable. The new optical cable is strengthened by reinforced plastic and iron wire, and it exhibits the same strength as the existing optical cables. The reinforced plastic and iron wire lining along the fiber are covered with the covering material. The company applied the technology to increase the confinement effect to optical fiber and successfully developed an optical cable that does not impair transmission characteristics even if it is folded.

According to NTT, windows and doors have generally a 2-mm gap. Because the new product is flat and less than 2 mm in thickness, it can be laid down into old detached houses and apartment houses that have difficulty in installing round optical cables. The existing round optical cable less than 2 mm in thickness cannot exhibit the same transmission characteristics if it is folded, and it cannot be used for old buildings. NTT has already provided the technology to cable companies, and the production has already started.  

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