Saturday, September 29, 2012

No. 623: Successful development of the world’s smallest inductor (September 29, 2012)

TDK successfully developed the world’s smallest inductor that is the power supply circuit coil. The new inductor is 1.6 mm deep, 0.8 mm wide, and 1 mm high. It has 40% smaller volume than the existing products. It is 30 yen per piece and available in four sizes. The company has already started the mass production with a monthly capacity of 30 million pieces. It plans to increase the monthly production capacity to 100 million pieces by March 2013 and 200 million pieces by the end of 2013.

TDK employed a metallic material for the center core and applied the semiconductor production technology and utilized the technology to create coil wiring that can pass a minute and high electric current through a metal thin film. Applying a metallic material with a strong magnetic force to the center core makes it possible to built a small power supply circuit that can take out a large electric current.   
The world’s smallest inductor developed by TDK

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