Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No. 697: Toyota’s ultra small concept EV makes a debut in Geneva (March 5, 2013)

Toyota’s i-ROAD made a debut in the Geneva Auto Show that started today in Geneva of Switzerland. A total of 900 vehicles from around the world are displayed, of which 100 are newly-built vehicles like Toyota’s i-ROAD that is a concept car of Toyota’s ultra small EV. The driver can drive an i-ROAD as if he rides a motorcycle. It is expected to contribute to solving problems arising from the shortage of parking space in the urban area.

Toyota is scheduled to start a demonstrative experiment of car-sharing for short distance travel in France in collaboration with Electricite de France starting late 2014. The vehicle to be used in the experiment will be based on the i-ROAD and Toyota’s COMS. Toyota will provide a total of 70 ultra small EVs to the Grenoble metropolis in France. This is part of the eco city development project fostered by Grenoble. This is an epoch-making project to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and atmospheric contaminants. Toyota will also provide an information management system named “One Mile Mobility Operation Management System” that allows for easy reservation of a vehicle and confirmation of the position and availability of a vehicle with a help of smartphone.  

Toyota’s ultra small vehicle i-ROAD

Toyota’s ultra small vehicle COMS

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