Thursday, March 7, 2013

No. 699: Shinkansen grows faster to open up new possibilities (March 7, 2013)

JR East will start to operate a new model of “Hayabusa (Falcon)” Shinkansen train starting on March 16 at an operating speed of 320 km/h with the revision of new train schedule. A test-ride event was held today for the press. President of JR East told that the 320 km/h operating speed is very high level in the world and expected to open up new possibilities.

The Hayabusa travels between Tokyo and Aomori in about three hours. Although the Hayabusa has the ability to travel at 320 km/h, the maximum speed was set at 300 km/h since it started the service in March 2011. The nose of the train became sharper and longer to reduce air resistance, and noise and waver inside and outside of the train were reduced. The new model has the gran class that is more gorgeous than the first-class.  

The Hayabusa (Falcon) bullet train

Enjoy a travel aboard a Hayabusa 

The gorgeous Gran Class

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