Thursday, August 29, 2013

No. 761: Vehicle safety technology is growing more sophisticated (2/3) (August 29, 2013)

Mazda's new Atenza
The technology to prevent an accident attracts a wide attention today. At the same time, demand for the technology to protect pedestrians is growing rapidly. Automakers are exerting lots of energy to develop a technology to absorb the impact for the protection of pedestrians. Mazda Atenza has a bumper that the company improved for the safety of pedestrians. The company increased the strength of the lower part of a bumper to prevent a pedestrian from being caught under the autobody when it collides with him. The idea is to throw a pedestrian onto the hood instead of catching him under the autobody.

Toyoda introduced the pop-up hood technology to its new Crown Hybrid. The sensor installed on the reverse side the bumper detects a collision and puts the hood to create empty space between the windshield side of the hood and the autobody to absorb the impact created by the collision. The company wishes to increase the precision the system and introduce it to other models.  

Toyota's pop-up hood technology

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