Friday, August 30, 2013

No. 762: Vehicle safety technology is growing more sophisticated (3/3) (August 30, 2013)

It is not too much to emphasize the importance of seatbelt and air bag for the safety of driver and passenger. Takata, one of Japan’s leading makers of vehicle safety devices, developed an air bag in collaboration with GM of the U.S. to prevent a collision between the heads of driver and passenger. The new air bag inflates to create a partition between the driver and passenger when the vehicle is hit by the side. GM adopted this air bag, saying that it decreases the fatal accident due to side crash by 30%. 

 The front center airbag Takata developed with GM

Takata developed a new air bag that plays the roles of an air bag and a seatbelt simultaneously. Named airbelt, Takata’s new product inflates the air bags built in the seatbelt around the shoulder and chest when the vehicle is hit. It enlarges the area between the seatbelt and the wearer to diffuse the impact on the chest. Vehicle safety technology is developing on a daily basis.

 Takata's airbet

GM First Center Air Bag

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