Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No. 136: Small-sized waste disposal unit to carbonize food residues (August 18, 2010)

A medium-sized company in Chiba Prefecture developed a small-sized waste disposal unit that carbonates food residues and plastic refuses. The carbonization unit is widespread among big plants, but a small-sized unit like this that has a processing capacity of 35 kg is rarely found. It can help to reduce waste processing cost because operating cost is lower than the prevailing waste disposal cost. It can process 35 kg residues and refuses in one processing in four hours. It pyrolyzes waste in an oxygen-free environment and produces charcoal and harmless heated air. No dioxine is generated thanks to the processing in an oxygen-free environment. It can also dispose of paper diapers, but products made of metal and glass cannot be processed. It can process garbage in block, and prior sorting is not necessary. The unit is priced at 3.2 million yen. The company plans to market the unit to companies subject to the Food Recycling Law by emphasizing its ability to reduce waste processing cost.

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