Friday, August 6, 2010

No. 124: Japanese advanced technologies go to Europe (August 6, 2010)

Hitachi got an order for denitrification equipment that purifies exhaust gases from the thermal power station from Poland in alliance with a local construction company. Hitachi will take charge of designing, manufacturing, and trail run of the equipment for about half of the total order volume of 4 billion yen. The equipment will be installed in the medium-sized coal-fired cogeneration station near Warsaw. The equipment is to eliminate oxides of nitrogen in exhaust gases. It is the first equipment of this kind to be installed in Poland. Shipment will start in 2012. Mitsubishi Heavy got an order for the design of carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) equipment that seals off carbon dioxide underground from the British local company of E.ON AG of Germany. The projected recovered amount of carbon dioxide is world’s largest 6,600 tons per day, and recovered carbon dioxide will be stored in the waste gas field in the North Sea. Mitsubishi Heavy is now building a demonstration plant of this kind with a recovery capacity of 500 tons per day in the U.S.

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