Friday, August 6, 2010

No. 125: New phase difference film for 3D TV from Japan (August 7, 2010)

Zeon Corp. developed a new phase difference film that gives the viewer clear image on the 3D TV screen even though he lies down. The newly-developed film transmits the passing light spirally instead of transmitting it straight. This technology makes it possible for the viewer to receive an image for the left eye and an image for the right eye simultaneously even if both eyes are not horizontal, thus he can recognize the two images as a 3D image. The company developed this new difference film by arranging the molecular structures of a film obliquely using its self-developed technology instead of arranging them vertically and horizontally. The new film will be used for the low-profile panel inside the 3D TV. Zeon will invest about five billion yen to build a new production line with an annual capacity of 10 million squire meters to start mass production in the fall of 2011. Zeon is the world’s third largest producer of phase difference films. Demand for 3D TV is estimated to increase about 13 times as big as the demand in 2010 to 43 million units worldwide in 2014.

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