Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No. 137: LC display usable as a blackboard from Sharp (August 19, 2010)

Sharp, a Japan’s electronic giant, will shortly launch its newly-developed 60-inch liquid crystal display that can be used as a blackboard and allows the user to write on it with a pen. Employing the self-developed touch panel with improved input precision, it allows for smoother input by handwriting. Because it has the function to work together with a digital complex machine, the user can display scanned image on the screen and write directly on the image on the screen, and print the image on the screen by a printer. It is excellent in terms of energy saving because LEDs are used for the back light. In anticipation of the growing popularity of IT devices in educational scenes and company meetings, the company plans to market the new crystal display to educational institutions and companies. Although subject to open pricing, the display with software for handwriting input is scheduled to be around one million yen. A PC is required to use the software.

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