Thursday, August 26, 2010

No. 144: Bioresin without food materials from NEC (August 26, 2010)

NEC, one of Japan’s electronics giants, developed bioresin that does not contain food materials. More than 70% of the newly-developed resin is the material made from rice straw and cashew nut husk. The company successfully developed the new resin by synthesizing chemically cellulose made of plant haulm like rice straw and oily material extracted from cashew nut, and secured enough strength, heat resistance, and water resistance to be used for PCs. A bioresin usually needs petroleum components to increase strength, but the new bioresin reduced the ratio of petroleum components to less than 30%. And it is totally free from food materials. Actually, it is the first bioresin of this kind. The existing bioresin uses corn-derived materials. This bioresin can enjoy stable supply of raw materials because more than two billion tons of materials for cellulose and more than one million tons of cashew nut husks are disposed annually. The company is working on mass production technology to use this resin for its PCs toward 2013.
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