Saturday, September 8, 2012

No. 608: Japanese companies increase presence in the water business abroad (September 7, 2012)

Business trend:
Hitachi will start to operate an IT-based water management system in Republic of Maldives in the Indian Sea. The company already invested in the water and sewerage company in Maldives to supply an efficient water management service to Maldives’ islands. Hitachi Plant Technology acquired the China’s state-owned water management company jointly with a Chinese local company and participated in the water management service in China. Toshiba will collaborate with Siemens of Germany to build an IT-based next-generation network of water supply. The company will participate in the substantiative experiment of the water service system adopted by the European Union in Italy and Romania.

Global Water Recyclingand Reuse System Association will help Japanese companies and local government expand business in foreign countries. Japanese high technology keeps the water leakage at less than 5%. The world water business is expected to increase from 36 trillion yen in 2007 to 86.5 trillion yen in 2025. Water supply is 38.8 trillion yen, sewage treatment 35.5 trillion yen, seawater desalination 4.4 trillion, water supply and sewage treatment of plants 5.7 trillion yen, and reuse water 2.1 trillion yen. 

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