Monday, September 10, 2012

No. 610: Producing hydrogen from sewage sludge (September 10, 2012)

A total of four companies have launched a project to produce hydrogen from sewage sludge for fuel-cell vehicles. They are Mitsui Chemical, Toyota Tsusho, Daiwa Lease, and Japan Blue Energy that has a technology to produce hydrogen from biomass including sewage sludge. Toyota and Daiwa House support this project. The four companies have already started substantiative experiments.

They are working on a technology to recover hydrogen from sewage sludge using heated metal balls. The balls are made of highly thermally-conductive oxidized aluminum for effective utilization of heat inside the plant. The new technology emits 75% less CO2 than the existing technology to recover hydrogen from liquefied natural gas (LNG). Currently, producing hydrogen using fossil fuels like LNG is widespread, but a technology to reduce the production cost is urgently desired. The four companies plan to get the technology in operation in 2015. 

The Blue Tower of Japan Blue Energy

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