Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No. 617: Successful development of a diode with world’s smallest power loss (September 18, 2012)

Bellnix that specializes in semiconductor parts successfully developed a diode characterized by world’s smallest power loss. The company reduced the power loss of the new diode to 0.08 volt, one-seventh of the power loss of the schottky barrier diode assumed to have the world’s smallest power loss at present. Because a diode is a semiconductor element that applies electric current in one direction, it is used for the prevention of backflow and rectification. It loses a certain amount of power when electric current is applied. That is, the smaller the power loss is, the higher the energy efficiency is. Besides, no measures for heat releases are required.

Bellnix succeeded in minimizing the power loss by applying its original circuit technology. The new diode is 20% more expensive than the existing diode, but it does not need a radiator plate. Thanks to low power loss, it will help lengthen the travel distance of an e-vehicle and increase the generation efficiency of a photovoltaic generation panel. It will be put on the market in October. 

Demonstration of a digitally controlled helicopter by Bellnix

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