Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No. 646: Japanese auto safety technology is growing more sophisticated (November 14, 2012)

Toyota developed a new collision avoidance technology on high speed traveling. The new technology is effective even if the speed difference between your car and the car traveling before you is 60km/h. Suppose you are traveling at 80 km/h and the proceeding car is traveling at 20 km/h. The speed difference is 60 km/h. When you come close to the proceeding car, the new technology gives an alarm and activates the powerful automatic brake if your braking is not enough to avoid a collision. Toyota’s existing technology responds to a speed difference up to 40 km/h. In the case of speed difference of 60 km/h, the avoidance technology grows more demanding because the time before a collision becomes shorter. Toyota is trying to offer the new system for less than 150,000 yen.

Toyota also developed a technology to reduce the collision accident inside a parking lot. When you shoot a car in a place where an obstacle exists both before and behind your car, the technology will automatically regulate the engine and apply the brake. This technology will decrease the accident will prevent you from crushing your car into a convenience store. Honda also plans to develop a collision avoidance system. Using an in-car camera and radar, Honda’s technology is expected to perceive a pedestrian before your car and bring it to a stop automatically even if your car is traveling at 60km/h. Fuji Heavy is one step ahead in the collision avoidance system with its Eyesight, but Fuji Heavy’s system responds to a speed up to 30km/h.

Japanese automakers are sophisticating their safety technologies
Technology trend
Collision avoidance on high speed traveling. Collision avoidance in a parking lot due to mistaken application of the accelerator  
Plans to install a collision avoidance system based on automatic operation of steering beginning in 2015
In the process of developing a technology to predict moves including lane changes of cars around you when you are traveling.
The Eyesight is already installed on upmarket vehicles

Toyota’s latest collision avoidance technology

Nissan’s collision avoidance technology 

Fuji Heavy’s Eyesight  

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