Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No. 652: Studying the mechanism of empathy to develop a new advertising approach that arouses consumers’ empathy (November 21, 2012)

Dentsu, Japan’s leading ad agency, will stat to conduct research on the mechanism of human brain that invites empathy with others in collaboration with Ryuta Kawashima of Tohoku University famous for his collaboration with Nintendo in the development of the brain training game software. Utilizing the research results, the company plans to develop a house that enhances the sense of unity of family members and a social networking service that deepens spiritual exchange of users.

Prof. Kawashima developed a technology to measure 20 brains simultaneously on the basis of brain blood flow changes by irradiating the heads with far-red light. In the latest experiment, he learned that brains of people working together show the same wave pattern of brain activity occasionally even though they are totally strangers, opening up the way to clarify the mechanism of brain when people feel empathy.

Clarifying the mechanism of brain brings about the possibility to develop a new product and advertising approach. For example, family members live in a model house with equipment for the measurement of their brain activities to study the optimal area of the dining room, the optimal conditions for lighting and air-conditioning, and most suitable building materials. Automakers plan to design the optimal interior space that allows all passengers to share the pleasant time. It may be possible to develop a meeting room that activates brainstorming of all attendants. Dentsu will establish a joint research organization named “Smart Aging Lab” in alliance with a total of 10 companies from such industries as education, real estate, auto, and info-communications next January.   

Nintendo’s brain training game software

Nintendo’s brain training game software

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