Saturday, November 24, 2012

No. 655: Developing a green semiconductor laser with the world’s highest light output (November 24, 2012)

Nichia developed a green semiconductor laser that has the world’s highest-level light output. By improving the design, the company successfully increased the current-to-light conversion efficiency by more than 50%. It can be used for video equipment like a high image quality TV. The company plans to mass produce the newly developed green semiconductor laser in 2013.

The newly developed green semiconductor laser has 14% current-to-light conversion efficiency with a light output of more than 1 watt. The existing product has 9.0% current-to-light conversion efficiency with a light output of 0.1 watt. The company increased the conversion efficiency by improving the quality of crystal with the help of the materials that it uses for its light-emitting diode (LED), blue semiconductor laser, and blue-violet semiconductor laser. Because red and blue high output semiconductor lasers are being mass produced, the company will have three primary colors for mass production.  

Please click here for further details in English.
Please click here for the video of the high output green semiconductor laser developed by Nichia

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