Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No. 660: A small infrared image sensor miniaturizes an infrared camera and makes it less expensive (December 5, 2012)

NEC developed a small infrared image sensor that can be used for the infrared camera. The newly developed infrared image sensor has volume one tenth of the existing product. Should it be employed for an infrared camera, the lens can be made smaller to one quarter of the lens currently used. It helps miniaturize the body of the infrared camera and expand the fields of application of the infrared camera. The company will start to mass produce the new product in 2013.

Using the approach to the microelectronic machine system (MEMS), the company developed a technology to increase the density of the image element to detect infrared by about four times. The miniaturized infrared image sensor made it possible to simplify the case for maintaining vacuum, reducing the volume to one tenth of the existing product. At the same time, an improved production method will reduce the price to less than one third of the existing product to 200,000-300,000 yen apiece. Please click here for further details in Japanese.

 NEC’s newly developed infrared image sensor 

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