Friday, December 7, 2012

No. 662: A new technology to reduce the clearance between parts on the substrate (December 7, 2012)

TDK developed a new technology to insulate an electrode by covering it with resin for smaller clearance between parts on the substrate. With this technology, the clearance between parts on the substrate is shortened to one quarter of the present clearance. Accordingly, it has become possible to cut the area of the substrate to half to put the same number of parts. First, the company decided to employ this new technology to ultrasmall condensers, and subsequently to smartphones.

The new technology is to cover the ultrasmall condenser with insulating resin. Because condensers used for smartphones have an exposed electrode, small clearance between them causes a malfunction due to short circuit in time of installing. The new technology makes it possible to shorten the clearance between condensers to one fourth of the exiting clearance to halve the required area of the substrate. TDK has filed an application for a patent of this technology. Please click here for further details in English. 

A ceramic condenser is one of the key 
devices of a smartphone 

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