Thursday, December 13, 2012

No. 667: Mitsubishi’s regional business jet is selling well (December 14, 2012)

Business trend: 
Mitsubishi Regional Jet will increase the production capacity of its small regional jet MRJ to 10 units per month, the monthly full production capacity, toward 2020. The company got an additional order of 100 MRJs from SkyWest Airlines of the U.S. It has already secured 100 MRJs from the same airline. At the moment, it has 330 MRJs as a backlog order, and it will supposedly get additional orders after the maiden flight scheduled for next autumn.

The company will start to deliver an MRJ beginning in the summer of 2015 and increase the production capacity by one unit each month to increase the monthly production to 10 units in the late 2020. The company is now one more step to reach the profitable line of 400-500 units. The MRJ has better mileage than competing jets: it is 20% economical than them in terms of fuel consumption. The technology that developed the zero in the Pacific War seems to have contributed to the excellent mileage of the MRJ.     
 MRJ from Mitsubishi Regional Jet

The Zero 

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