Sunday, December 9, 2012

No. 663: A Japanese large-scale lithium-ion battery goes to Chile (December 8, 2012)

Business trend:
GS Yuasa got an order for a battery system from Chile in alliance with Mitsubishi Corp. It is a lithium-ion battery system with a capacity of 6,300 kW/h that is the daily power consumption of 700 standard Japanese households. The system will shipped to the coal thermal power plant in Chile. The project cost is estimated at 110 billion yen. The coal thermal power plant has a general capacity of 530,000 kW, and the system will be used for the standby power supply to cover up to 20,000 kW in case of emergency like power outage.

Power plants usually use a generator for the standby power supply, but it takes time to start the generator and costs much for maintenance. To make up for the shortcoming, a lithium-ion battery system was selected. Lithium Energy Japan produces lithium-ion batteries, GS Yuasa builds a system, and Mitsubishi Corp. delivers the system to Chile through Parker Hannifen of the U.S. The technology and product reliability that GS Yuasa has accumulated in building large lithium-ion battery systems for railways and ports is supposedly to have contributed to this business. Please click here for further details in English.

  GS Yuasa’s large-scale lithium-ion battery system

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