Monday, November 4, 2013

No. 798: Japanese technology increases its presence in urban transit in Southeast Asia (November 4, 2013)

Business trend:
Urban transit in Tokyo
JR Eastgot an order for urban transit from Thailand with Marubeni and Toshiba for 40 billion yen. The project is for the 23 km new line to be constructed in Bangkok. The order is a so-called packaged order that includes 63 rolling stock cars, overhead wiring, signaling systems, facilities and equipment of 16 stations, rail yards, and maintenance of all equipment. JR East will dispatch about 20 staff members to Thailand to develop human resources locally. JR East’s subsidiary will build rolling stock cars, Toshiba procure equipment, and Marubeni manage the project. 

Hitachi got an order for rolling stock cars and signaling systems from Vietnam for the urban transit of Ho Chi Minh. Sumitomo Corp. and Mitsubishi Heavy secured an order for information systems for the operation management of the urban transit in Indonesia. Marubeni obtained an order for rolling stocks and signaling systems from the Philippines for the urban transit in Manila. JR Central provided technology assistance to the Taiwanese bullet train system, while Tokyo Metro is helping Vietnam with its management of the subway to be constructed in Hanoi. The world railway infrastructure market is estimated to increase 20% over the present level to 22,000 billion yen in 2020.    

 JR East tries very hard to observe 
the train schedule even in a snowy day

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