Saturday, November 9, 2013

No. 800: Sheet-like sensor to detect the moves of people inside a room (November 9, 2013)

NEC developed a technology to detect the moves of people using a sheet-like sensor spread on the hallway or room. Detecting slight changes of electric wave caused by the moves of a person, the sensor can tell the position of the foot and direction of plural persons in real time. The company plans to put the technology into practical use in 2015. 

The system to detect the moves of people
 using a sheet-like sensor 

The sheet is less than 1 cm thick, and it is made up of the layer in which wiring to emit electric waves is set and the one that detects the electric waves. Imperceptible electric waves are emitted from the sheet-like sensor anytime, and the system detects the changes that occur when a man passes on the sheet. The system can distinguish between the right foot and the left foot, and can tell the direction and move with an error less than 1 cm. In the experiment, the system can tell the moves of wheelchair, guide dog, and walking stick.

The sheet-like sensor will be useful for hospitals and welfare facilities where monitor cameras are hard to install due to the consideration for privacy. At the same time, it will be helpful in the place where monitor cameras are affected by the amount of sunlight. The installation cost of the sheet-like sensor will be a few percent of the cost required to install an infrared sensor. NEC plans to sell the system that includes analysis software for a 20 m long and 2 m wide hallway for less than 2 million yen.   

 Wireless power feeding 
using a sheet-like communication medium 

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