Monday, November 4, 2013

No. 799: Technology of person recognition in poor weather conditions (November 5, 2013)

NTT plans to put a high performance electric wave camera capable of giving distant views even in poor weather conditions, such ass rain and dense fog, into practical use in five years. The new camera receives electromagnetic wave called millimeter wave that is not absorbed by moisture in the air as easily as infrared light. Focusing attention on millimeter wave, the company has been conducting joint research with Nissan since 2009. NTT has been developing lens and antenna that receive milimeter waves besides circuit design, while Nissan has been working on processing of electric signals.   

Image of the system
At the experimental stage, the milimeter wave camera successfully detected a person walking 40 m ahead in the snowy condition. It is now necessary to increase the sensitivity of the system and downsize the equipment. In the first stage of practicalization, NTT Group will install the new cameras on the roadsides to monitor the traffic situation. The images taken by the monitor will be transmitted to the car navigation system or the smartphone of the following vehicles to help their drivers know the traffic situation. The technology involved in the milimeter wave camera is rather promising as the basic technology to improve the automated driving system in which every automaker has a fierce competition.

Person detection software to avoid an impact accident

The person recognition technology recommends
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