Saturday, September 14, 2013

No. 771: Hitachi Zosen exports its GPS Comprehensive Oceanographic Monitoring System (September 14, 2013)

Hitachi Zosen will start to export its GPS comprehensive oceanographic monitoring system (GCOMS) that observes tsunami using GPS. The GCOMS for export will employ a resin buoy in place of steel buoy, and it will be one third in price of the existing model. In concert with the government policy to increase infrastructure exports, the company plans to market Japan’s advanced disaster prevention technology to such countries and regions susceptible to tsunami as Indonesia and Chile.

Hitachi Zosen's tsunami observation buoy

The company is scheduled to build a trial model in 2013 and conduct the demonstration experiment in 2014. The new model will be less than 100 million yen, while the existing model is 300 million yen. Because it employs a resin buoy, it will weigh less than half of the existing model. It will employ a new communication system called “PPP-AR” that allows for information transmission from 100 km offshore. With the new communication system, the new model can be installed five times longer distance offshore than the existing model.

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