Monday, September 30, 2013

No. 784: Successful experiment to make a sodium-ion battery operational at room temperature (October 1, 2013)

Sumitomo Electric and Kyoto University jointly succeeded in improving the performance of a sodium ion battery. Although a sodium-ion battery needs a temperature higher than 57 degrees centigrade to operate, they successfully made it operational at 20 degrees centigrade in an experiment. They confirmed that the trial product allowed for 1,000 discharges and charges. They used molten salt in which sodium is dissolved to build this trial product. They also opened the door to the practical application for the storage system of housing that requires durability of10 years. 

Sodium-ion batteries built by
They expect that a sodium-ion battery can be sold for 100,000-200,000 yen/kWh, which is almost the same as a lithium-ion battery. A sodium-ion battery is inferior to a lithium-ion battery in capacity, but it makes a storage system smaller because it can simplify equipment to release heat. Because the newly developed sodium ion battery is now operational at room temperature, it does not need a heater to start generating electricity. Sumitomo Electric wishes to launch the newly developed sodium-ion battery for the storage system that stores electricity generated by photovoltaic generation toward 2015. The research results will be presented in the 54th Battery Symposium in Japan scheduled for October 7-9 in Osaka.   

    Towards high energy density 
sodium-ion batteries

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