Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No. 779: Anticounterfeit technology using the individual difference of IC chips (September 25, 2013)

Toppan Printing developed an anticounterfeit technology that uses the individual difference of IC chips. The individual recognition technology that Toppan developed uses the crystal patterns of silicone that constitutes an IC chip. The crystal pattern is created in a random manner in the production process of IC chips, and it never changes once it is created. The circuit pattern is replicable, but the crystal pattern is not replicable because a different pattern is created if a new IC chips is built. Toppan is scheduled to start produce IC tags based on the new technology and launch the product identification service by the end of September for the first time in the world. 

 The image of Toppan's new product identification service

Toppan stores information on the crystal patterns of IC tags it produced in its datacenter. The user reads information in the IC tag put on the product with a smartphone in which the near field communication (NFC) technology is incorporated or a special reader and checks the information with information stored in the Toppan’s datacenter via the Internet. Toppan will market IC tags based on the new technology to manufacturers of home electronics, industrial products, and character goods. Toppan will display the new service in the 15th Audio and Communication Expo 2013. Please click here for further information on Toppan’s new technology (in Japanese).

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