Friday, April 6, 2012

No. 479: The car navigation system grows more sophisticated (April 5, 2012)

The Advanced Road Transportation System (ARTS) that is the next-generation Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) will be available in 2012. ARTS will deliver such information as inter-vehicle distance and empty lanes in addition to traffic jams. The government plans to install the antennas for this system in a total of 1,600 spots on super express highways across the country. This decision makes it possible to provide information on traffic jams in other prefectures even if you are driving inside Tokyo. In the future, ARTS will let the driver know which lane allows him to driver faster. The demonstration test will start soon.

The car navigation system supporting ARTS can be loaded on Toyota’s Lexus, and Nissan also responds to the request from applicants. Consumer electronics manufacturers like Panasonic are busily developing the car navigation system for ARTS. The new and more sophisticated car navigation system will allow for settlement on the screen. Users will be able to pay for parking, gasoline, and purchases on the service area by the navigation system in place of credit card. They will also be able to get the shortest driving route to the specific parking lot of the destination that they designate on the screen.     

     ITS spot service

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