Monday, April 23, 2012

No. 493: Successful development of a nonflammable magnesium alloy (April 23, 2012)

Kumamoto University Magnesium Research Center developed a magnesium alloy nonflammable even at 1,100 degrees centigrade. It is lighter and 1.4 times stronger than duralumin used for aircraft. A research team led by Director Yoshihito Kawamura built a stick 22 mm in diameter of this new alloy by extrusion. No components except magnesium are made clear, but it contains neither rare metals nor rare earthes. Therefore, the new magnesium alloy is nearly the same as the standard magnesium alloy in price. Production equipment can be simplified because fireproof gas is not required in the production process. Accordingly, the production cost will be lower and greenhouse gas emissions can be curbed.

Traditionally, fire prevention measures are indispensable to process magnesium alloy because the standard flame resistant magnesium alloy ignites at about 800 degrees centigrade. Because the new nonflammable magnesium alloy is light and strong, it can be applied to aircraft materials. Kumamoto University has been exerting lots of energy in the development of magnesium alloys. Showing strong interest in the heat-resistant magnesium developed by Kumamoto University, Boeing of the U.S. visited this university in 2011. As in the business world, selection and concentration seems to be vital in the academic world.

The newly-developed magnesium alloy nonflammable even at 1,100 degrees centigrade and Professor Yoshihito Kawamaura, Director of Kumamoto University Magnesium Research Center in Kyushu

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